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Event: Autorama When: Feb 9-11 2018
Place: Indianapolis, IN
Louisville chapter will be attending Indianapolis Autorama

Casper results 2017

Congratulations to the American Speed family!! Everyone placed at the final Carl Casper custom Auto show !! We knew we could!! Shout outs as follows: Eric Allan Cepeda 1st place , Heather Alexander 4th place, Daniel Patrick 1st place , Chris Miesner 2nd place, Richard Alan Nachby 4th place, Patrick Austin Miesner [3rd place, Fred Taft 2nd place, and Josh Tucker!! Thank you so much for your support and we wouldn't dream of doing it without any of you!!

Official results Carl Casper 2017:
Check out our actual places at carl Casper this year here
Official Results world of wheels indianapolis

Check out Indianapolis results here

Update world of wheels:

We at American speed would like to thank everyone at the world of wheels we had a amazing time !! From meeting cabe sipes from Pimp my ride, disco dean from street outlaws, and especially Adam wilson and Clark from world of wheels!! Amazing staff, amazing stories, and new beginnings. We would also like to thank all American speed members that attended: Patrick Austin Miesner, Carmen Rendon , Richard nachby, Eric Cepeda. Britney turner . Thank you again Britney for showing up and doing some model pictures as your modeling career started with us a long time ago good times and good memories. Thank you to all as this would not be possible with out you ! Our journey has just begun in the amazing world of wheels shows as this is the elite of the ISCA. We all feel honored to have actually placed in this show !

Carl Casper the Final Show

Event: Carl Casper 2017 When: Feb. 25 & 26 2017
Place: Louisville KY located at the KY state Fairgrounds
Louisville chapter and simply beautiful will be attending Annual Carl Casper Custom Auto Show held in Louisville KY located at the KY state Fairgrounds. This is the largest ISCA Event in KY.


Event: Autorama When: Feb 10-12 2017
Place: Indianapolis, IN
Louisville chapter will be attending Indianapolis Autorama

NCM Motorsports Track Days

Event: NCM Motorsports track day When: July 16th
Place: Bowling Green, KY
Cost: $50
This will be a fun way to get time out on a new, great, almost 3 mile track. Everyone is invited to attend but I do need a head count on drivers and cars! Lots of spots to fill!! This isn't a race event but you'll be able to push your car to what you are comfortable with and what your driving skills allow!

Southern Roots

American Speed and Simply Beautiful attended the spring and fall southern roots located in Louisville and in bowling green. A fun time was had and thank you to all that attended both events. See you at the next show!

Casper 2016 News

Thank you to everyone who came out in support of our American Speed family! Congrats to all participants both competition and non-competition. We couldn't have done the show without you all!! It was the best turn out in years!! AND finally a shout out to our Newest members for showing your support and presence @ the show!! #CarlCasper2016 #AS4Ever #trophywinners

American Speed welcomes the following chapters to our family! Thank you for helping us continue our mission !

Simply Beautiful (S.B.)
S.B Salem IN Chapter
S.B Corydon IN Chapter
S.B Carrollton KY Chapter
S.B Shelbyville KY Chapter
S.B Cincinnati OH Chapter
S.B Radcliff KY Chapter
S.B Lexington KY Chapter
S.B PangeaKrew Frankfort Chapter

Carl Casper 2016 Feb. 19, 20, 21

Congratulations goes out to the 7 members who were accepted into 2016 Carl Casper!! We will be located in the South wing this year.

Carl Casper 2015 Feb. 20, 21, 22

Congratulations goes out to these members who were accepted into 2015 Carl Casper!! We will be located in the South wing this year.

Nashville Auto Fest 2015

Thanks again to everyone that came out to support us at the show. We had 1 car place in the top 50 and made some new friends. We also finally made a little bit of money to support our mission. Thanks to every one that made this show possible!

New Location

We are now located at 5404 Valley Station Rd Unit 106, Louisville, Kentucky 40272.Come check us out!

In Memoriam

A loving friend and member. Always willing to help anyone out whether it was custom build orlending a ear. He always had faith in everyone and made sure to encourage us all to follow our dreams. Gone but not forgotten.

RIP Dan Rydzewski