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Hello Everyone & Welcome to the Sassy Speed Models Page. Sassy Speed was founded in December of 2012. We are a Chapter of American Speed whose sole purpose is to endorse and represent American Speed at Events. Since American Speed is nonprofit, we help raise money for American Speed by doing car washes, bake sales, etc. You have probably seen us at a lot of events across the country, including the ISCA shows as well as other huge shows across America

Sassy Speed’s Moto has always been “sassy” But Not Trashy! With that in mind, we act and are very classy girls. We dress sexy to promote American Speed because let’s be honest Sex Sells right! With that in mind also, we keep everything professional. The girls that we have are either new to modeling and building their profile or are very experienced in the modeling field. We offer all models the chance to build their portfolios and to gain experience

Since we are nonprofit, most events are paid on commission. Sassy Speed is run by American Speed Board members that run and operate all events and promotions of American Speed. We have a list of positions that range from directors to assistants. If you are interested in modeling or becoming a part of the American speed team, please contact us. Thank you for visiting our page.

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Upcoming Events:

Carl Casper Custom Auto Show!

Feb: 19,20,21 at Ky Fairgrounds

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