About Us


American Speed History


American Speed began with the idea that we wanted to do something that was different. We wanted our organization to be about more than the cars, we wanted it to be about the people behind the wheel too. We wanted to build something that could make it easy for anyone to become a part of something such as creating their own organization because the stress & responsibility of running a club can be overwhelming. The First Chapter of American Speed was called Louisville Muscle. Based in Louisville, KY, it was founded in March, 2005 by four Louisville car enthusiasts. We started with an idea and an e-mail. People liked what we were all about and we started meeting in a Best Buy parking lot off of Outer loop in Louisville, KY. Come Friday and Saturday night, we could be found all over the city.

Later that year, the founders branched into two clubs– American Speed and Louisville Muscle. Shortly thereafter, they re-merged, creating a nationwide community, American Speed. Louisville Muscle became the first local chapter. Patrick Miesner, American Speed President & Chairman, is still today one of the 4 founding members that started it all. In addition to its position in the national community, American Speed is about family, friendship, and respect. We started out as a diamond in the rough, but over the years we've grown and refined. Staying true to our commitment to family and friendship, our first sponsors were friends of the Miesner family and our personal parts vendors.

Over time our club grew, our sponsors grew and our name recognition became even greater. The club membership increased to over a hundred members in 2006. Until January of 2007, American Speed was a club for American-made cars. At that point, we began an imports division. By the end of that year, interest in the import division grew substantially. Since 2008, American Speed has developed multiple chapters across the country from Texas to California. Even more Chapters in KY including Shelbyville and more chapters in Louisville. Shortly thereafter American Speed transformed to a nationwide organization. American Speed has really developed and has earned recognition on the car enthusiast scene. We have had publications on Louisville.com and in other magazines. We have also participated in the ISCA (International Show Car Association) where we have won club awards. American Speed has also been nominated and won Community Organization awards in 2011 & 2012. At the end of 2012, we finally filed our 501c3 document for the IRS. We are no longer a club but a Nationwide Organization that offers its members the ability to work on their rides and purchase parts from some of the best sponsorships in the business. Using our exclusive shop and sales team we have the ability to make running a club simple and affordable or if you’re not a member, we are able to offer great dealer pricing along with helping you achieve your goals. This 501c3 document grants us Tax Exemption and enables all individuals and business to invest in our cause (Grants, Donations, etc.) so we can continue to achieve our goals as an organization. The best part is that this is a total tax write off for anyone. Finally, the rise of imports and the active members of American Speed as a whole have led to the accomplishment of many of our goals and the furtherance of our mission to create an environment that encourages active and supportive membership. We hope that participation in local car shows continues to increase and that American Speed becomes a nationally recognized community.

Mission Statement


At American Speed, we do not want to simply create a car club. We created an Organization. We strive to create a community for car enthusiasts across the country which will provide its members with resources to foster our shared passion for all things automotive. The 21st century offers us the ability to create and maintain just such a community.

The American Speed, Inc. website and affiliated sites are the lifeline of our organization. Like the veins and arteries which carry the life blood between the heart, brain and body, we use our online resources to connect the various chapters of American Speed. These chapters educate one another on car knowledge and inspire each other to great heights. With additions to our exclusive shop and our sales team we now offer installs and pricing from some of the industries best in the business. We help all people across the country achieve their goals by the sale of parts at a good price for being a member of an organization where people can be all about the scene.

Local chapters are tight knit groups that meet in person, host events and participate in shows. They have special Tech meets where everyone helps each other build and customize. The online forums supplement those groups by offering a place for people to swap tips and connect with people who have similar interests. As a place to build friendships and network with businesses, American Speed works to create an environment for individuals of all ages and levels of knowledge achieve the dream.